• Ochagavia carnea

Ochagavia carnea

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Quick Overview

  • Spectacular clump-forming terrestrial Bromeliad
  • Finely serrated somewhat-succulent foliage
  • Beautiful pink inflorescence
  • Well-drained substrate
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Ochagavia carnea is an absolute gem of a plant. It is endemic to Chile and grows on the western foothills of the Andes at relatively low elevations of 200-1080m beneath woodland canopies and on the rocky slopes of stream banks and ravines. It is found in a scattered distribution between 33°S and 38°S and is the most southerly of the four recognised species of Ochagavia. It can't be considered hardy in most parts of the UK but adventurous souls in south and southwesterly locations and within the London urban heat island will be tempted to overwinter it outdoors in a warm sheltered aspect with perfect drainage and protected by a structural overhang or overhanging foliage. It will need several layers of fleece during the coldest spells. In most locations it is best treated as a container plant and brought in for the winter where it can be housed in a frost-free environment under glass and under fleece.

Ochagavia carnea has a rosette shape and fine serrations along the leaf margins resembling a Fascicularia to which it is closely related. It is not as spiny as most Puyas and its foliage is more succulent. Growth is fairly rapid and it soon forms a chunky plant with numerous offsets. The offsets tend to form higher up the body of the plant but they can also occur beneath the surface of the substrate. In time the plant grows large with the leaf blades reaching to 1m or more in length. The offsets form a small clustering colony. You may want to try rooting a few offsets before you experiment with it outdoors.

On maturity, Ochagavia carnea produces a stunning inflorescence of small pink flowers with orange anthers.

Ochagavia carnea is not a beginner's plant. It requires a high level of experience and a careful temperament not prone to recklessness. For those skilled enough to take this challenge it will be a highly rewarding and much treasured plant.

Very rare. Very desirable. Very limited quantities.

Additional Information

Order Poales
Family Bromeliaceae
Sub-Family Bromelioideae
Synonyms Bromelia carnea, Bromelia lindleyana, Bromelia longifolia, Hechtia elemeti, Ochagavia chamissonis, Ochagavia grandiflora, Rhodostachys carnea, Rhodostachys carneus, Rhodostachys chamissonis, Rhodostachys grandiflora, Rhodostachys leiboldianus, Ruckia brevifolia, Ruckia ellemeti
Geographical Origin Chile: Valparaiso to Malleco
Cultivation Full sun. Perfect drainage, with little water. Tolerates more humidity than Fascicularia. In most locations, it will need to be container-grown and overwintered indoors. Crazy-minded exoticists in warmer locations will need to give it serious protection
Eventual Height 50cm
Eventual Spread 100cm
Hardiness Hardy only in coastal locations and urban microclimates and if given serious protection with fleece during cold spells. Mulch deeply with rock or grit. Against a wall ideally with overhanging foliage. Safest to overwinter in a cool glasshouse under fleece

Ochagavia carnea

Size: ex 1.5L pots

Availability: Sold Out

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