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In order to meet the many requests and enquiries for exotic style gardens that we now regularly receive, TROPICAL BRITAIN has launched a new service, creating an umbrella network of talented and award-winning designers and landscapers who work in the exotic and tropical styles. There has been a huge resurgence of interest in Exotic Gardening over the last few years and people are often amazed at the range of hardy exotics that - with the right planting care - will survive the typically wet and cold British winter. By bringing together a nationwide network of designers and landscapers who are as passionate about Tropical style as we are, we can co-ordinate and oversee the entire project no matter what part of the country you live in. We aim to create a garden for you that not only fulfills your brief and meets your requirements but transcends your expectations and creates an outdoor space that you will simply love to spend your time in.

Exotic plants, with their large foliage, dramatic impact and sculptural forms have a magic all of their own. Whether you envisage a jungle, a drought-tolerant Mediterranean garden, the bold architectural shapes of a xeriphytic garden or a riot of hot tropical colour, we can help you realise your vision. No two projects are the same. It is your space, your garden and what makes you happy in your garden is what matters. We will work closely with you from initial contact, listening carefully to what you want and your overall design brief. We will also be seeking to achieve a strong harmonious visual relationship between the outside garden design and the overall property, its architecture and its sense of place, linking elements of your interior design style with what you want for the garden.

Together with a chosen Garden Designer we will arrange a site visit and collaborative consultation. With our expert horticultural knowledge of exotic plants, the way they perform in different micro-climates and their specific cultivational needs in the vagaries of the British climate, we are uniquely placed to assess the suitability of the site for your needs. Again, we will listen carefully to your requirements and, arriving at an understanding of what you are aiming for, the Designer will make suggestions for an overall planting scheme that will achieve your vision.

Cautleya spicata

Cautleya spicata with Cannas in the background

We will need to do a site survey before the design can be created and this will usually be done at the initial consultation. We will then provide an outline design and conceptual drawings, and upon approval, full garden design with annotated plans and elevations, planting schemes, construction plans together with a written Specification and Scope of Works as well as post-completion maintenance schedules. These will all be discussed with you at each stage. Upon approval, our chosen landscaping team will carefully realise the design vision, managing the project, preparing the groundworks, constructing the hard landscaping elements and liasing with technical specialists, artisans and craftsmen for any lighting, sculpture, masonry or water features before all the soft landscaping elements are installed. We supply the exotic plants - many of which we have known since they were seeds or cuttings! Our knowledge of many rare yet hardy exotic plants ensures your garden will be a unique botanical experience. We supervise the planting and final installation, ensuring that all horticultural and cultivational requirements are met. 

Hesperaloe parviflora

Hesperaloe parviflora - hardy down to a mind-numbing -25C, far colder than we experience here in the UK and very tolerant of the British wet winter

Our flexible and collaborative approach, bringing together in one package, the horticultural, design and landscaping elements for your exotic garden offers a unique and comprehensive service. We are committed to quality and achieving excellence in what we deliver and will only work with Designers and Landscapers who share these ideals and principles. We are working with some of the brightest and most gifted talent in British garden design. Our mission is to bring to exotic gardening the same levels of aesthetic vision and design expertise that have been experienced by other gardening styles.

If you would like to talk to us and arrange an initial consultation for your exotic tropical garden please contact us here.

If you are a Garden Designer or you are Professional Landscaper who already works in one or more of the various exotic styles or who would like to increase your range of expertise in this idiom please feel free to contact us. Our network is growing rapidly and we would love to have an experienced Design and Landscape Team in every part of the country. Read more...


Trachycarpus fortunei with epiphytic Billbergia nutans

Billbergia nutans as an epiphyte in a Trachycarpus fortunei trunk. Musa basjoo to the left







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